CES 2017: The dawn of The third connected Era

“Two decades ago in 1996, with the advent of the Netscape browser, we entered the first connected age; the key connection artifact was the web link. In 2007, we entered the second connected era, built around the smartphone and social networks, where it was a constant take-it-with- you connection, the ability to share and democratizing of publishing. In 2017, at CES, we began to see the third connected era, which builds on the link, mobility and social networks with three new connection paradigms:

1.Deep connections between data that enable machine learning that powers Artificial Intelligence. (AI)

2. Distributed computing and connections across a spectrum of objects that connect to everything, resulting in the Internet of Things, including automobiles. (IOT).

3. New ways of engaging and connecting utilizing Voice, Augmented, Virtual and Mixed reality to enable communication and tell stories in new ways. (Voice/AR/VR/MR)” Read more at MediaPost.

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